2018 Wodapalooza Final Results

This years WZA Miami Fitness Festival has concluded and two time CrossFit Games champion, Katrin Davidsdottir is your overall Women’s champion.  On the men’s side, Streat Hoerner was able to overtake Dakota Rager to claim the title.  In the Elite teams division, Team Quebec held off TTTW winning by just four points for the men.  Team Progenex continued their dominance as they won the women’s division holding the lead for all three days.  It was an exciting weekend in Miami and we look forward to seeing these athletes return for next year’s Wodapalooza.


Elite Men:

  1. Streat Hoerner
  2. Dakota Rager
  3. Garret Fisher
  4. Tim Paulson
  5. Luke Schafer

Elite Women:

  1. Katrin Davidsdottir
  2. Kari Pearce
  3. Mekenzie Riley
  4. Chantelle Loehner
  5. Bethany Shadburne

Elite Team (Men):

  1. Team Quebec (Alexandre Caron, Albert-Dominic Larouche, Alex Vigneault)
  2. TTTW (Noah Olsen, Travis Mayer, Will Moorad)
  3. 5STAR4MULA (Tyler Lee, Josh Gervais, Daniel Viger)
  4. Hugh Jass Texans (Jordan Cook, Logan Collins, Travis Williams)
  5. Team IN3 Nutrition (Justin Ahrens, Allan Dunlap, Ben Stoneberg)

Elite Team (Women):

  1. Team Progenex (Chyna Cho, Lauren Fisher, Emily Bridgers)
  2. Maybe Team Ten (Jenn Smith, Cassidy Lance, Alexis Johnson)
  3. Invictus (Kristi Eramo, Carleen Mathews, Regan Huckaby)
  4. No Bull (Tori Dyson, Jessica Griffith, Brooke Wells)
  5. RPM Miami (Lauren Herrera, Tiffany Szemplinski, Alison Scudds)


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Image Source: thewodapalooza.com

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