Dave Castro Announces Changes to the 2018 Crossfit Games Season

During the cool down show of the 2017 Crossfit Invitational, Dave Castro announced some significant changes to the upcoming 2018 Crossfit Games Season.  He didn’t provide a lot of details and he hinted that more changes may be on the way so we’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

First off, he announced several changes the regional alignments.  South America will now be its own region but will only be sending one qualifying athlete to the games.

North California, South California, West and Canada West regions will now be combined into a super region.  This new region will have five qualifying spots up for grabs.

The Meridian region will be split into two regions: Northern European and Southern European.  The north region will have five qualifying spots while the south region will only have four qualifying spots.  With the split in the European region, we will see more European athletes at the Crossfit Games.

The teams will also see changes as we will now have teams of 4 members as opposed to the 6 members we’re used to seeing.  According the Dave, this should make it easier to form “super teams” which should make the competition more exciting.

No Open changes were announced but we’re expecting more changes to be announced as the Open gets closer.  We’ll keep you updated as soon as more changes are announced.


Image Source: CrossFit, Inc

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