IWF Bans Nine Countries With Three or More Positive Tests

The International Weightlifting Federation executive board voted unanimously to ban countries having three or more anti-doping rule violations in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games for one year.  The countries affected are: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Statement from Tamas Ajan, the IWF President:

“At the IWF we have made it clear that the incidence of doping in some areas is totally unacceptable and that our Members have a responsibility to ensure clean sport in their countries. If they do not fulfill their responsibilities to ensure their lifters are clean then they will lose their right to participate. But we will not turn our backs on them; we will continue to work with them, WADA and their National Anti-Doping Agencies to support their anti-doping activities and help make cultural change.”

“There is no doubt that the IWF Anti-Doping Program has advanced enormously since Beijing 2008 and London 2012. The culture of the sport has already changed in many places over the last ten years. But we are committed to doing more and we will do more. Through our Clean Sport Commission we are not just looking at how we overcome current issues but how we can innovate with new testing and anti-doping measures for the benefit of all sport.”

The IWF World Championships beginning on November 11th of this year will be without several top athletes in the sport.

For more information visit the the official IWF press release.

News Source: IWF.net

Image Source: Men’s Health

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