Official USA Functional Fitness National Team

The first ever USA Functional Fitness National Team has been announced.  After two days and six tests at the USA Functional Fitness National Championships the top men and women have earned their spot to represent the USA at internationally sanctioned functional fitness competitions, including the iF3 Championships.

Final Men’s Standings:

  1. Dane Smith
  2. Vinny Casey
  3. Alec Smith
  4. Ken Battiston
  5. William Trujillo
  6. Dale Meitzier
  7. Cameron Kolling
  8. Dylan Mccrae
  9. Matt Clark
  10. Tyler Tosunian
  11. Tom Ramsland
  12. Justin Biays/Phillip Marks

Final Women’s Standings:

  1. Chelsea Nicholas
  2. Hollye Henderson
  3. Amy Backel
  4. Carissa Mueller
  5. Stephanie Smith
  6. Afton Delvecchio

Joey Kimbo, Karla Solum, Emily Loeffier and Julie Rappaport were also scheduled to compete but pulled out for reasons unknown to us.  Alec Smith and Ken Battiston finished tied for 3rd so both men were on the podium.  Justin Biays and Phillip Marks finished in a virtual tie for 12th place and at this time we don’t know who will get the final spot.  We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.  View Full Standings.

Image Source: USA Functional Fitness

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