Top Crossfit Competitions

Since the 2017 Crossfit Games are over, where else can you watch the top athletes in the sport compete?  Well outside of the Crossfit Games here are the top three competitions in the US where games athletes are sure to be competing at:

1. Kill Cliff Granite Games

When: September 8th-10th 2017

Where: St. Cloud, Minnesota

Divisions: Individual/Pro, Individual/Teen, Individual/Masters, Team of 4/Community, Team of 3/Pro/AsRx/Masters/Intermediate/Scaled

Past Games Athletes: Sara Sigmundsdottir, Patrick Vellner, Alex Anderson, Garrett Fisher, Cole Sager, Travis Mayer, Dani Horan, Kari Pearce, Sam Dancer, Sam Briggs, Emily Abbott, Tennil Reed, etc.

2. Wodapalooza

When: January 11th-14th 2018

Where: Miami, Florida

Divisions: Elite/RX, International Cup, Intermediate, Masters, Teen, Scaled, Youth, Adaptive Standing, Adaptive Sitting, Elite/RX/Intermediate/Scaled Team

Past Games Athletes: Rich Froning, Ben Smith, Emily Bridgers, Stacie Tovar, Brooke Wells, Brent Fikowski, Camille LeBlanc, Josh Bridges, Noah Olsen, Scott Panchik, etc.

3. The Fittest Games

When: January 27th-28th 2018

Where: Austin, Texas

Divisions: Pro, Amateur, Intermediate, Scaled, Teens, Masters, Pro/Amateur Teams

Past Games Athletes: Alex Anderson, Brooke Wells, Bethany Branham, Nick Urankar, Travis Williams, Jenn Jones, Jordan Cook, Alexis Johnson, etc.


Image Source:  Wodapalooza

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