2017 iF3 Championship Results

The first ever International Functional Fitness Federation Championships has wrapped up and the US have taken the Team Division over Sweden and Mexico.  Sweden held the lead after day 1 but the US took the lead with two first place finishes on Test 5 and 6.  Only three countries were able to participate in the team division this year mostly because it takes awhile to get visas for athletes from certain countries to get to the United States.  Next year we’re expecting 20+ countries to be competing.


  1. USA – 10 points
  2. Sweden – 12 points
  3. Mexico – 13 points

Male Individual:

  1. Tola Morakinyo (US) – 22 points
  2. Alec Harwood (UK) – 31 points
  3. Luis Oscar Mora (Mexico) – 32 points

Female Individual:

  1. Camilla Salomonsson-Hellman (Sweden) – 22 points
  2. Jayne Eadie (UK) – 24 points
  3. Charli Anobile (Canada) – 32 points

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Image Source: iF3

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