2017 Crossfit Team Series Final Leaderboard

The 4th annual Crossfit Team Series has come to an end and the team of Noah Olsen and Travis Mayer have edged out Ben Smith and Scott Panchik to win the Male Pairs division.  Former Crossfit Games champions, Katrin Davidsdottir and Annie Thorisdottir, didn’t disappoint by winning the Female Pairs division.  Alex Vigneault and Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault took the Mixed Pairs championship winning by a wide margin.

Event 7 included a 1 rep max back squat which produced several PRs from different athletes across the board.  Ben Smith and Scott Panchik both hit 500 lbs for a total of 1000 lbs!  It was my favorite event of the competition.

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Male Pairs

  1. Noah Olsen / Travis Mayer
  2. Ben Smith / Scott Panchik
  3. Alexandre Caron / Stephane Cossette
  4. Kevin Schuetz / Casey McCallister
  5. Peter Shaw / Paul Tremblay

Female Pairs

  1. Annie Thorisdottir / Katrin Davidsdottir
  2. Alessandra Pichelli / Whitney Heuser
  3. Sam Briggs / Sara Sigmundsdottir
  4. Kelley Jackson / Jessica Griffith
  5. Karen MccAdam / Regan Huckaby

UPDATE: Sam Briggs and Sara Sigmundsdottir failed to provide video footage for the workout requested by CrossFit HQ.  They received a penalty which dropped them to 63rd place overall.

Mixed Pairs

  1. Alex Vigneault / Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault
  2. Travis Williams / Alexis Johnson
  3. Daniel Petro / Emily Bridgers
  4. Dane Smith / Emily Brady
  5. Alec Smith / Caroline Dardini


Image Source: CrossFit Inc

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