Dave Castro Reddit AMA Recap

Today was Dave Castro’s AMA on Reddit.  We had so many questions but in typical Dave fashion he was vague and didn’t give anything away.  For all of us that wanted to know what changes to expect in next years regionals, his response was “Still in development, can’t give too much away now on this topic.”  😐

Here’s a list of notable questions:


Q. Can you give examples of Open/Regionals/Games workouts that at the time you decided they were too hard? Did you end up using any of those in later years?

A. I won’t give examples right now, but yes that happens all the time. Every year I program the games there are 3-4 great ideas that get put on the shelf for next year or maybe even 2-3 years down the road.


Q. Why are there so few AMRAPs in the games?

A. Those style of events, as many reps as possible in a set time, are not exactly the most viewer friendly for the competition that is the CF Games. We use them in the Open, but for the Regionals and Games. Not having someone finish, someone run across the finish line when done with their work, is not as exciting as having that set up.
tests, events with a typical amrap set up would be boring. That being said, the 2223 interval was basically an amrap like workout in an interval format.


Q. With athletes getting stronger and stronger and being able to do stuff which sound impossible back in 2007, what do you think will come next?

Do people have to do things like free Handstand Push Ups or Full Planche?

Do you think the athletes have reached a border where there is not much room to improve or do we see the same magic happen in another 10 years and laugh about the stuff we do now?

A. Time will tell on first question. Yes on second. yes, we will continue to be baffled by what they can do and where they push the ceiling.


Q. What was the hardest CrossFit WOD you have ever done? Why?

A. Probably Fran because of the intensity of it. Fran hurt when I started and it still hurts 11 12 years later.


Q. Do you think the average person really appreciates how fit the Games athletes are?

A. Not the average person who is not a CrossFitter. They don’t understand but anyone who does CrossFit understands.


Q. What I want to know is are all CrossFit Games athletes (or most) using PEDs/steroid to any extent?

A. Every athlete who qualifies from regionals to the Games was tested at that point.
Everyone who podiums at the Games is tested. We have a pool of athletes, that we select, that get put in a testing pool for year round testing. And some of those get tested multiple times throughout the year.


Q. Will the 1st place podium be taller next year so that Fraser actually ends up appearing taller than the second place winner?

A. Thats a good idea.


There were several other questions that went unanswered.  Specifically the question about Paleo Ethics containing a banned ingredient.  Paleo Ethics was an official 2017 CrossFit Games sponsor.  Head over to Reddit to read the rest of his responses.

Image Source: CrossFit Inc

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Jessie Jaime

Fitness is my life!  My blog posts will feature fitness news along with my personal accomplishments and struggles in the world of Crossfit and gymnastics.

Jessie Jaime

Fitness is my life!  My blog posts will feature fitness news along with my personal accomplishments and struggles in the world of Crossfit and gymnastics.

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