When should I redo a CrossFit Open workout?

For the vast majority of crossfitters, the Open is a fun social event where we get to throw down with our friends in a friendly competition.  The Open comes with added pressure, nerves, achievements and disappointments.  The majority of us have no shot at making it to regionals but its still a fun experience knowing we’re competing with over 400,000+ other athletes from around the world.

For those of us not making it to regionals, when should we redo an Open workout?  That varies between athletes.  For the highly competitive athlete that can’t live with the fact that they didn’t beat their buddy, then redo it as much as you can.   There’s nothing no one can tell you to convince you otherwise.  For normal everyday athletes, redoing workouts isn’t a necessity unless you want to improve your score to prove to yourself that you can.  Proving it yourself is the best motivator you can have.  It always you versus you.  When you think about it like this, there’s less added pressure and the accomplishment is that much sweeter.  Even if you fail to improve the fact that you gave it another shot should be enough of an accomplishment.

Tips for your redo:

  • Think about what you can do different.  Can you move faster in part A and pace part B?  Will that work better than the first time around?  Replay the first try and come up with a feasible plan for improvement.
  • Push your limits but don’t be careless.  If you don’t have the capacity to go 100% for whatever the time limit may be then now isn’t the time to do that.  Don’t burn out.  Instead go harder than you normally do without over doing it.
  • Stick to your game plan.  Its hard to do when you have others cheering you on and your adrenaline is skyrocketing but don’t fall off the tracks.
  • Get after it!!

Good luck to all those athletes competing in the Open.


Image Source: CrossFit Undeniable

Josh Ortiz

I've been an athlete since I started playing baseball at the age of 7 up until the end my collegiate wrestling career. As a bodybuilder looking to supplement my training I stumbled into a Crossfit gym and was immediately hooked. Although I still enjoy bodybuilding I find my passion has shifted to being a competitive crossfitter. My articles will take you through my journey into Crossfit. Enjoy!

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