A Call To Action For Ricky Garard

Its been a week since the news was announced about Ricky Garard’s positive drug test at the 2017 CrossFit Games stripping him of his third place finish and suspending him from competition for four years.

Since then Ricky took to his Instagram account to take responsibility for his actions but not before casting a shadow over the CrossFit world.

It’s tough to be on the receiving end when I saw a top athlete at the CrossFit Games intentionally out smarting the system, getting away with it & ruining the integrity of the sport. – Ricky Garard

Since posting that comment Ricky has been silent on his social media account.  You can’t just say something like that and then disappear.  If you have knowledge of other athletes intentionally cheating the system then come forward with that information.  Don’t cast a shadow over the sport and leave the integrity of the CrossFit Games in question.  You said yourself that haters will hate and you aren’t helping the situation by not coming forward.

I say come forward if you have information about other athletes cheating.  Help the sport out and protect the integrity of the fittest on earth.  If you’re afraid of becoming the Jose Canseco of CrossFit then reach out to HQ privately.  You don’t have to use social media.  Do the right thing and come forward.

This is a call to action.


Image Source: rickygarard.com

Josh Ortiz

I've been an athlete since I started playing baseball at the age of 7 up until the end my collegiate wrestling career. As a bodybuilder looking to supplement my training I stumbled into a Crossfit gym and was immediately hooked. Although I still enjoy bodybuilding I find my passion has shifted to being a competitive crossfitter. My articles will take you through my journey into Crossfit. Enjoy!

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