We are Barbell Central!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our official blog.  Our writers at Barbell Central will be bringing you the latest in fitness news.  With the 2017 Crossfit Games just days away we wanted to officially launch our blog so it doesn’t take away from all the binge watching we are about to do!

In addition to our own writers, we will be looking to the community for guest bloggers.  Anyone in the world of fitness can contribute.  Whether you are a coach, Crossfit athlete, weightlifter, gymnasts, runner or just passionate about fitness, feel free to submit your post for review.  We are still in the beginning stages so as of now we can only offer back links to your own blog and/or social media accounts.  Once we get our swag in line we will be offering free T-Shirts, stickers, hats, etc. to the top guest bloggers.

In the meantime, we want to say thank you for visiting our website and keep checking back for the latest in fitness news.  We hope you enjoy the 2017 Crossfit Games as much as I know we will!  As for my predictions, I say Fraser repeats as champion and training with Froning pays off for Sara Sigmundsdottir as she wins the women’s championship.



Our goal at Barbell Central is to provide you with an all in one destination for all your Crossfit needs.

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