Review: Cyclone Speed Rope

I’ve been using Cyclone Speed Ropes for a couple of years now and I would say it’s the best jump rope I’ve ever used.  I used a Rogue bearing speed rode before and although it was a good rope, I found myself having trouble stringing more than 20 double unders at a time.  The problem wasn’t really with the rope, it was more of how fast I do my double unders.  I tend to go faster than most people and can hit about 55 double unders in 30 seconds.  With Rogue’s speed rope I felt as if the thinness of the rope was causing me to go too fast and lose my rhythm.

Cyclone Speed Ropes are a little thicker and more durable.  When doing double unders I have better control and can hit larger numbers unbroken.  For me this rope feels so much easier to use compared to Rogue’s speed rope.  If you’re a speed demon like me then this is definitely the rope you should have.

The best part thing about Cyclone ropes is the customer service.  I had an issue with one of the handles which was probably caused from wear and tear.  I contacted customer service looking for a replacement handle and Matt sent me the new upgraded loop bearing jump rope absolutely free.  I wasn’t even asking for a free rope and here I get an upgrade.  The loop bearing feels even smoother than their original jump ropes and you can immediately tell it’s a higher quality design.  I highly recommend Cyclone Speed Ropes to anyone looking to improve their double unders.

At $44.95 it cost more compared to a Rogue jump rope but for the craftsmanship, the quality and the customer service you definitely get what you pay for.

Image Source: Cyclone Speed Rope

Jason Everett
Jason Everett
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I started doing Crossfit about 4 years ago and was immediately hooked by the intensity of the workouts.  Fast forward to today and I workout 6 days a week and enjoy the daily competition with my training partners.  #G14Classified

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